Great Gray Owl Rescue

"Little Moga" arrived safely at UC Davis at 10:40 this morning. I will update everyone as I hear from the vets at UCD.
Janice Pfeiff, DVM

On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 2:51 PM, Cindy Kamler wrote:
Late on the 22nd, Mammoth visitors rescued that turned out to be a Great Gray Owl found near Lake Mary Road and the Equestrian Center. Christina Ackerman picked up the state-endangered bird and provided emergency overnight care. Jane Kenyon got the bird to the Center the following day where exam revealed a broken right humerus and some slight head trauma. This is only the first or second confirmed sighting of a Great Gray in Mono County ever!

He did well over the holiday weekend and was seen by Drs. Pfeiff and Ludwig at Bishop Vet on Wednesday. Surgery was needed and they contacted the experts at UC Davis who agreed to do the operation if we could get the owl there asap. Early this morning, Dr. Pfeiff's friend Jonathan Moga flew in from Grass Valley, picked up the owl at Bishop Airport and the GGO (now named "Moga") was soon on its way to UC Davis.

We will share updates as they come in.

Bob Tyson took some photos which I will forward in several separate emails. I know some of you can't see the photos I send. There are a few currently on ESWC's Facebook page and I will post the new ones tonight or tomorrow and you can see them there.

Lots of prayers would be good! this is a beautiful and amazing spirit!!