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Wildcare Eastern Sierra (formerly Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care) is dedicated to helping native wildlife through rehabilitation of injured, ill and orphaned birds, mammals, and reptiles, and by furthering public knowledge and appreciation of wildlife through education.


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Wildcare Eastern Sierra rehabilitates wildlife in need of help with the goal of restoring them to the free, wild and natural life that is their birthright. Songbirds, hawks, owls, water birds, and small mammals are brought to us from as far north as Bridgeport and Walker and as far south as Olancha. Most animals are rescued from roadsides or backyards by compassionate individuals. In some cases, Wildcare Eastern Sierra may send a rescue team.

Trained volunteers care for our injured, orphaned or ill patients. We treat injuries including wing and leg fractures, illness, emaciation and other problems. Orphaned animals receive foster care—proper formulas, housing, and training for release.

Wildcare Eastern Sierra seeks to educate individuals, businesses and organizations about living with their wild neighbors, and about how to prevent conflicts from arising. We also have educational programs designed for schools and organizations which are offered free of charge.



Fishing line, plastic bags and beverage rings, barbed wire, and other human-created hazards can cause distress for birds and mammals. 

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If you approach a wild animal and it doesn't fly or run away, it needs help. It may be injured, sick or too young to fly or walk.

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