Fishing Line and Hooks

Fishing line pollution is an entirely preventable hazard.

Water birds, songbirds and birds of prey, as well as some wild mammals, are vulnerable to entanglement in fishing line and hooks left in streams, on banks or hanging from bushes and trees. Pets, especially dogs, and people, can also run afoul of fishing line pollution.   

What can you do? 

If you are the person fishing, take responsibility for removing tangled line and hooks before you leave your fishing spot. In most instances, it won’t take much time or effort. At the worst, you may have to wade into a cool stream or pond to retrieve the broken line.

If you are simply visiting the stream or pond and spot discarded line and hooks, be kind and take a little time to remove some of the offending hooks and line. 

Be sure to discard the fishing line and hooks securely and safely. If this material is left in an open trash can or dumpster, wildlife is still at risk of entanglement.

If you find a wild bird or mammal tangled in fishing line, cut it free from the line, place in a snug, padded container, and call Wildcare Eastern Sierra. The animal may have sustained injuries from line or hook and could be dehydrated or starving as well.

Helpline: (760) 872-1487