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Wildcare Eastern Sierra is a federal and state tax-exempt charitable, 501(c)3 organization supported by a small, dedicated staff and group of volunteers.

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Cindy Kamler, Founder and Executive Director

Cindy has been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1985. She holds a permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and a Migratory Bird Permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She is a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Cindy volunteers about 60 hours per week to Wildcare doing animal care, education, and other outreach programs. She has lived in the Eastern Sierra since 1995, where she is also a poet and writer.

Kelly Bahr, Assistant Director

Kelly first came to Wildcare Eastern Sierra as an animal care volunteer in 2010 and served as an intern in 2011 before joining the staff. Her responsibilities include project administration and animal care, and she also serves as a foster parent for ground and tree squirrels and other small mammal patients. Her managerial and administrative experience and growing animal care skills make her particularly qualified to play a key role in the organization’s succession planning. Kelly has a degree in mathematics and GIS and has lived in the Eastern Sierra for over 10 years.


Katie Hudson, Wildlife Technician

Katie was born and raised in Bishop and began working with Wildcare Eastern Sierra as a summer intern in 2014. She joined our staff in 2016 as a part-time Wildlife Technician, responsible for administering medications and physical therapy, admitting new patients, helping with examinations, and assisting with rescues and releases, as well as feeding and cleaning the animals and setting up and securing their enclosures. Katie attended University of Alaska, Anchorage for 2 years before transferring to Northern Michigan University, where she earned a bachelor of science in Wildlife Management. She also works at Owens Valley Radio Observatory, where she assembled 10 of the dishes that are on the baseline out there.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog and friends.

“I enjoy being able to give orphaned babies and injured animals a second chance,” says Katie. “It's extremely rewarding when they're released back into the wild.”

Justin Stravalle, Wildlife Technician

Justin began as a seasonal intern for 3 years and became a year-round employee in fall 2014 as a wildlife technician. He has also been facility manager as both a volunteer and staff member. He regularly responds to emergency calls as a rescue volunteer. 

Kelly Tallon, Wildlife Technician

With some wildlife rehabilitation experience years ago, Kelly began at Wildcare Eastern Sierra as a seasonal intern for 3 years, moving into year-round employment in 2013 as a wildlife technician. She also volunteers her time as a foster mom for small animals such as raccoons, skunks and a mink. A fantastic baker, Kelly contributes a lavish feast of baked sweets for our annual fundraiser, Wild Spirits.


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Board of Directors

Paola Accusani
Warren Allsup
Wils Cain
Robert Dibble
Trina Jennison
Cindy Kamler
Katie Rodriguez
Randy Van Tassell

Website and Digital Strategy

Elizabeth Glazner


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