It’s Baby Season!

All around us proud bird, mammal, and reptile parents are introducing their babies to the world. Unfortunately, accidents can happen during this most crucial time of a baby's life. Parents might be killed, trees with nests might be cut down, or flooding might disturb a burrow or den, to name just a few. All of these scenarios bring babies to Wildcare Eastern Sierra.

The ultimate goal for all animals that come to us is release back to the wild. For uninjured babies, the first effort is to try and get them back with their parents as quickly as possible. Recently we found ourselves tasked with this challenge for:

  • Three eyes-closed baby raccoons

  • Five nearly grown house finch babies

  • One mallard duckling

  • A nest of newly hatched house finch babies

  • Three young ravens

To find out what happened to them all, read the most recent article in the Living with Wildlife  series written by our founder and executive director, Cindy Kamler.