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Orange Lutheran High gives Wildcare Eastern Sierra some helping hands

Keough Hot Springs, CA, October 10, 2019 - In late September, an enthusiastic group of high school students from Orange Lutheran High School, accompanied by two parents, arrived at Wildcare’s wildlife rehabilitation facility at Keough’s. The school, situated in Orange, California, has been sending groups of volunteers to the Bishop area for many years to wide variety of non-profits, schools, churches, and The Bishop Paiute Tribe. These groups assist with numerous projects and tasks. In the past, they have repaired and painted caging at Wildcare’s Center, built steps, cleared up leaves and trash, and more. On this visit, the wonderful group dug and built a retaining wall for our new flight cage complex, cleared and organized our “boneyard,” hauled dirt, and built a shelf complex for storing cage matting. “These young people are full of spirit; they work hard and joyfully. Each visit is a delightful and generous gift for which we are deeply grateful,” exclaimed Wildcare Director Cindy Kamler. “They warm my heart and keep me smiling for a long time after they are gone.”


Orange Lutheran students and parent, Wildcare Eastern Sierra staff Becky Pierce and Cindy Kamler at the completion of their visit.